Using Facebook Live For Business

Using Facebook Live For Business

Over the past year, Facebook Live has become a great way for businesses to connect with their customers in real time. According to Facebook, users watch live videos that appear in their newsfeed for three times longer than standard videos. So, how can your business get started? These are some of the top suggestions.

Promote An Event

Have a big conference you’re attending? Have a special announcement to make? Do it over Facebook Live. You’ll have access to an easy-to-share URL across your other social channels and give others a glimpse into your event.

Hold Your Own Webinars

While you can simply use your laptop’s speaker and microphone, Facebook Live will allow you to utilize external microphones and cameras to improve your broadcast’s quality. You can also research other third-party software to present slides and share your screen with your viewers.

Host a Q&A Session

Q&A’s are easy to hold over Facebook Live. While you’re broadcasting, you’ll be able to see comments as they come in, which makes holding Q&A sessions simple. The best part: your visitors can join on any device, making it easy to follow your Q&A session and ask questions in real time. Have another member of your team facilitate questions as they come in and compile some of the best ones on a notecard for you to address.

Hold Interviews With Others

If your business works with other partners/vendors, ask them if they’d be willing to do a five-to-ten-minute interview on how their services can work with yours. Interviews can be a great way to introduce your audience to other key influencers that can help them solve a problem.

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