Re-evaluate Your Finances This Summer

Re-evaluate Your Finances This Summer

Do you find that you’re spending more than you should? Summer marks the halfway point of the year, and is also a great time to evaluate your spending habits. Below are a few things you can do to save more and spend less.

Adjust Your Air Conditioning When Leaving Your House

While it may be nice to walk into a refreshingly cold house, it may not be so refreshing to see your energy bill during summer. Turn your thermostat just a couple of degrees higher before you leave your home. Doing so can help you save approximately $220 a year, according to How Stuff Works.

Use Cash Instead of Card

With cash, you’ll have to budget the money you have in your wallet. If you decide to use a debit card, it’s tougher to track your spending without access to your account. If you tend to use credit cards, it’s harder to know how much you’re spending, and you could also be paying unnecessary interest on your purchases.

Determine What Expenses Can Be Trimmed

Take a look at your monthly bills for internet or other subscriptions. Make your favorite cup of coffee at home and splurge at your favorite coffee shop once a week. Consider looking for a less expensive gym membership if you think you’re spending too much on your current one. These small monthly bills can add up, and chances are there are other competitors that can offer you similar services for less.

Sell Things You Don’t Use

The summer is the best time of year to hold a yard sale. If you don’t have enough things to hold a yard sale, or don’t have a space where you can hold one, you can consider selling products through eBay or another online marketplace. Facebook’s marketplace tool is another alternative as you can set your own price, and not have to worry about third-party fees.

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