How Can You Find New Music?

How Can You Find New Music?

You know what music you like and don’t like. While you may love listening to Arcade Fire or Stevie Wonder on repeat, you’re always looking to listen to something new. Not sure where to go? Here are a few ways you can find new music.

This is a great way to find music based off of artists you already listen to. In addition to offering radio stations, offers “scrobbling,” which tracks what you listen to on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, and other streaming music providers. You’ll find out all about a band or artist’s origin, along with their influences, and how was able to make the connection. is available on all devices.

Pigeons & Planes

This music blog run by Complex and provides roundup lists that feature the best artists each month and by year, along with album reviews and links to EP debuts. The blog also has a weekly newsletter that sends the most popular articles to your inbox. Pigeons and Planes also runs a music recommendations series that gives you a new artist to check out, based on an artist you already know.


You’ve probably at least heard of Shazam before. Shazam can help you identify songs that you haven’t heard before, or at least forgotten what the title is. Once the song is identified, you’ll be able to listen to a preview within Shazam, or listen to the whole song on Spotify premium or Apple Music. You can also view a world map of the most “shazamed” songs and create a daily mix based off of artists you like. If you’re watching TV, you can use your camera to capture a Shazam code whenever it appears.


Ever wondered what influenced a track, or what other songs contain elements of a song you’re listening to? WhoSampled does just that. Enter a song title and you’ll be able to compare songs. It brings up YouTube videos of the track you’re interested in learning about, and will give you the exact second where a track is sampled.

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