Elevate Your Next Summer BBQ

Elevate Your Next Summer BBQ

Have you started planning your BBQ yet? Looking for some new games or decorations for this summer? Here are a couple of suggestions to elevate your summer BBQ into the party that everyone will be talking about.

Add String Lights

When the sun goes down, string lights will allow you to keep the party going. It also creates a wonderful ambiance in any setting. Whether you want them to be over your deck, or above another area where tables are, they are simple to install with the help of a friend.

Make Your BBQ a Potluck!

BBQ potlucks are easier for hosts, as it will ensure you’ll get to spend time with every guest. Once you know who is coming, create a spreadsheet with each guest’s name and share it with everyone. Use a service like Google Docs so everyone can see who is bringing what dish.

Feature 2-3 Games

Having options for games can keep both the kids and adults at your party occupied and having fun for hours. For adults, staples like horseshoe and bocce are always a great idea, regardless of surface. Also consider newer games like Kan Jam as both kids and adults can play. You can also browse Pinterest for other game ideas.

Create a Playlist

The right music can make or break your BBQ. Create a playlist of around 100-150 songs that your guests can choose from. Try to think of everyone’s musical interests when creating your playlist, so that way if one of your friends takes over as the DJ, there’s something that he or she will enjoy.

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