Connected Conference Rooms: What To Expect in the Future

Connected Conference Rooms: What To Expect in the Future

If you work in an office, think of your current conference room. If you’ve been working at the same company for decades, how has your conference room adapted to new technologies and changes? With so many changes in just the past ten years, many conference rooms have now been outfitted to work with the technology available in most offices. But where is conference room technology expected to be in the next five years? Below is a look at the connected conference room, including what technologies might emerge into yours.

More Screen Real Estate

Screens will become the centerpiece of the conference room. While you may already have one screen, there could be one large screen along with an additional screen used to view other participants on a call, or screens specifically used for charts and illustrations. The implementation of larger main screens and secondary screens can lead to better collaboration on conference calls.

Multiple Cameras to Capture Notes

While there are currently 360-degree conference cameras available on the market, most conference rooms usually only contain one. Multiple cameras will become the norm with one camera being used to capture notes from a whiteboard, while another one focused on the presenter, and another to rotate around the room when other participants have questions.

Higher Use of Laptops and Tablets to Make Presentations

The days of one dedicated computer for presentations are becoming outnumbered. According to a study from Logitech, 68 percent of people surveyed used their own computers to present during a conference. IT teams will adapt to letting employees use their own tablets, smartphones and laptops to present. This may require more IT staff to help improve network bandwidth and troubleshoot various devices.

A Smaller, More Connected Room

As more meetings become virtual, the need for a larger conference room is shrinking. Many major companies are creating more agile conference rooms, reducing the size of their conference room to fit just two to four guests. This can help employees focus on the meeting, and allow each employee to be heard comfortably.

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